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How do I create a new event?

Create a new Event with a unique Internal File Name

1. From the top menu, click on Events > My events
2. On the right-hand side, click on the New Event button. A new Untitled event template will open.

3. Internal Event Name—Name your event a unique internal file name: On the My events bar, find the My events / Untitled event;  click on ‘Untitled event’ and replace it by typing your own event name into the box. For example, “Winterbourne Concert – June 2022.” This file name is never publicly visible – your event participants will not see this name—so, you can use any internal event file name that makes the most sense to you.

Open the Event Settings

4. On the top-right corner of the My events bar, click the Event Settings cog icon. The Event Settings window will open. (Alternatively, on the event template page, place your mouse on the Header section with the ‘Title.’ A border will appear around the Header section. Click anywhere within the Header box. The Event Settings window will open to display the Header tab.)

Start with the Header tab

1. From the left-hand menu, click on the Header tab. (It is open by default.)

2. Public Event Title—Entitle your event with an external, public title: In the Title section, give your new event a public title, such as “Summer Concert in the Grass.” This event title is publicly visible—your event participants will see this title—so, use an inviting, descriptive title.

3. In the Settings section, you may choose to enable the Sticky menu. (For additional instructions, see: What is a “sticky menu”?)

4. Images: You may choose to add a Cover image, Title image, and/or Background image. (For additional instructions, see: How do I add images into my event?)
5. When you have completed adding Header details, click the Save button at the bottom.

Event Draft Settings Tabs

From the left-hand menu, click on and update the other Tabs.

1. Booking settings tab: Create Tickets or Registration buttons and Booking types. For instructions, see: How do I create tickets in Magnet?

2. Event description tab: In the Description editor, you may type or paste your event description.
For instructions, see: How do I add a description to my event?

3. Where and when tab: Where—add the event location and an optional map. When— add the start-and-end dates and times. Specify whether it should be a Recurring event; for instructions, see:
Recurring event.

4. Contact tab: Who should people contact about your event? Enter in your event organizer’s details here. For instructions, see:

5. Payment Options tab: Set options for accepting payments directly or invoicing through your own system. For instructions, see: (What event payment options are available?).

6. Language tab: Choose the language in which the event details will be presented. For instructions, see: Can I create an event in a language other than English?

7. Terms & Conditions tab: Choose whether you require the purchaser to accept specific purchase terms. For instructions, see: Can I add purchase terms for an event?

8. AutoComplete tab: Enable autocomplete to save a user’s order details and automatically fill in sections of the form when they complete another order. For instructions, see:

9. Tracking tab: Enable tracking through a Facebook Pixel or LinkedIn. For instructions, see:

10. Sharing links tab: Activate social media sharing buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. For instructions, see:

11. Discounts tab: Create discount codes. For instructions, see:

12. Consent text (GDPR) tab: Collect consent using GDPR-approved messaging. For instructions, see:

When you have completed adding details to each tab, click the Save button at the bottom.