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How do I create tickets in Magnet?

Note: To create tickets for an already published event, you will need to unpublish it first. (For instructions, see How can I change a published event? Unpublishing an Event)

To create tickets in an unpublished event, open your event draft:

1. From the top menu, click on Events > My events.
2. On the Drafts tab, from the My events list, click on the Name of the event to which you would like to add images.

Open the Event Settings:

3. On the top-right corner of the My events bar, click the Event Settings cog icon. The Event Settings window will open. 

Go to the Booking settings tab:

4. From the left-hand menu, click on the Booking settings tab. Across the top of the window, you will see three sub-tabs: Booking types, Collect attendee information, and Order confirmation.

On the Booking types sub-tab, create a new booking type: 

Note: You can add as many Booking types as you desire. Enter how many of each there should be, set prices, sales start, sales stop and ticket options individually.

5. Into the Name on ticket / booking type field, type in a unique ticket/booking type name. This name will appear on the ticket so choose a name that will make sense to your attendee. 

6. In the Available quantity field, enter the maximum number of tickets/registrations of this type that you want to sell.

7. In the Price/pcs field, enter the price per ticket/registration.


8. In the right-most column, click on the Settings link. The Settings options will appear.

For each Booking type, use the Booking type settings to:
a) Add an Event Description.
b) Enter when Sales begin and Sales end.
c) Select VAT on the tickets: 25, 21, 12, 6, 0 or other percent.
d) Booking limit: to Limit bookings per buyer, click on the checkbox. In the field that appears, type in the maximum number of bookings allowed per buyer.
e) This booking type is: This section expands to allow you to create a booking or ticket package. To simply register a participant or sell a ticket, click the A simple booking. To create a booking or ticket package with optional items, click A package. A new section will appear. For detailed instructions on this section, see: Customize Booking Types with Ticket Package Options.

f) When you have completed adjusting all of the settings for the Booking type, click on the OK button at the bottom.

9. After you have added all of your booking types, complete the details that apply to all bookings:
a) In the Price settings section, choose the currency from the dropdown, whether your Prices include tax, and add a service fee.

b) In the Booking section, indicate whether to Include ticket link in the confirmation email, set a time limit for cancellation, limit the number of bookings per buyer, and Activate a reserve list when fully booked.

10. When you have completed all of these details, click the Save button at the bottom.

Also see: Differentiating Order Information from Participant Information.

On the Collect attendee information sub-tab, customize your booking form:

1. At the top of the window, click on the Collect attendee information sub-tab.

2. You may create a separate form for each booking type; Choose booking type from the dropdown.

3. For each form, add as many fields as desired using the Add field button. Click on the Field Settings cog to edit the field name and set a field as mandatory.

4. When you have completed customizing the form for each Booking type, click the Save button at the bottom.


On the Order confirmation sub-tab, create an automated order confirmation email message:

1. At the top of the window, click on the Order confirmation sub-tab.
2. Customize the booking confirmation email settings, and specify the recipients. 
3. In the Confirmation custom message, compose the email message the registration will receive. Use the editor options to format the message.
4. When you have completed customizing the confirmation message, click the Save button at the bottom.