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How do I edit an event?

Note: To edit an already published event, you will need to unpublish it first. (For instructions, see How can I change a published event? Unpublishing an Event).

To edit an event draft

1. From the top menu, click on Events > My events.
2. On the Drafts tab, from the My events list, click on the Name of the event you would like to update.

Open the Event Settings

3. On the top-right corner of the My events bar, click the Event Settings cog icon. The Event Settings window will open.
4. From the left-hand menu, click on the Tabs with the information you would like to edit. For a complete list and description of the tabs, please see the Event Draft Settings Tabs section of: How do I create a new event? 

For additional information about the event settings, also see the Overview Webinar and My Events Main Tab Tour.


Name your event. Choose whether you want to add an image from the image archive or upload an image from your computer. All images can be edited in the image manager by clicking on Edit. The supported formats are jpeg, jpg or png. The image is displayed at a maximum of 200×200 px, otherwise it is scaled down.

How do I add an image to my event?

Booking settings

Decide if the ticket price is to be shown incl. VAT by ticking the small box. Determine the maximum number of participants at your event. Determine the name, maximum number of participants and price for each booking type. Enter several booking types by clicking Add.

Settings: Give a description of your booking types by clicking on the gear next to each booking type. Determine the start and end time for how long it is possible to receive bookings for the event. Enter VAT rate, enter price per ticket, SEK 0 for free event and maximum number of bookings.

In the same box you will find ticket options. When you create a package that includes more than one product, you can specify for each individual product whether it should be included or not, or whether it should be selectable. You can also set how many are included, limited number and maximum number per customer.

Send ticket to the buyer: When the box is checked, a confirmation will be sent out via email to the participant.

Service fee: Check the box if you want to enter a service fee for your event, enter the amount in kronor.

Collecting participant information

With this tab, you have the opportunity to decide what information you want from the participant at your event. If you have several booking types, select the booking type for which you want to edit the field names by switching between the booking types in the drop-down list. Select Add field if you want to complete with any information. Check the box on the right edge so that the field is displayed for your booking type. Indicate if it is a mandatory field that must be filled in when purchasing by clicking on the gear.

Booking confirmation

With this tab, you can customize the booking confirmation that goes out via email, and choose which ones it should be sent to. You can enter numbered and unnumbered bulleted lists, tables (for eg event programs) and clickable links (for eg live broadcast when you run events online). You can also format the text with paragraph breaks, different heading levels, bold, italics, and strikethrough.

Differentiating Order Information from Participant Information

Event description

Tell us more about the event, link to a website to provide more information. You can insert images in the event description by clicking on the insert image icon. To add a video in the invitation, click on the source and enter the url code for your video.

Where and When

Enter the location of your event, address, postal code and city. Select whether or not to display the map by checking the small box. Determine the time and date of your event. If it is recurring, you can check the box and state when the next event takes place. Recurring events are an identical copy of your event that is created, with a new date and possibly a different time. This means that the same number of participants have the opportunity to come at the next opportunity.

If the event is not identical, you can instead copy the event and make adjustments.

Payment options

Choose how the tickets are to be paid for.

Here you can add your own fields with information that you want to collect about your customers, and choose to make these mandatory as well.

Read more about Swish (Further info)

To get started with Swish:

  1. Create a Request for Certificate Signing (Create request) that you need for Swish.
  2. Download a Swish certificate in PEM format.
  3. Copy the certificate to the certificate field below.

How to get a Swish certificate in PEM format:

  1. You must contact a Swish-affiliated bank to set up an agreement on the Swish service if you have not yet done so.
  2. Go to Swish-certifikat 
  3. Enter your bank ID, organization number and Swish number to log in.
  4. Click on “New Certificate” at the top of the menu.
  5. Paste the CSR you created below. Select PEM as the format, see example.

Purchase terms

If there are terms of purchase for the event, check the box and link to a place online where the terms of purchase are posted. Enter http: // in the url address.


Preview the event and see how it will look when published.