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How do I add images into my event?

You may choose to add an event cover image, background image, and a title image. The title image will also appear on the event ticket. In addition, you may also add photos to the Event description. 

Supported image formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG.

Note: To add images to an already published event, you will need to unpublish it first. (For instructions, see How can I change a published event? Unpublishing an Event)

To add images to an unpublished event, open your event draft:

1. From the top menu, click on Events > My events
2. On the Drafts tab, from the My events list, click on the Name of the event to which you would like to add images.

Open the Event Settings:

3. On the top-right corner of the My events bar, click the Event Settings cog icon. The Event Settings window will open. 

Go to the Header tab:

4. From the left-hand menu, click on the Header tab. (It is open by default.)

5. Add the following images in JPEG, GIF, or PNG file formats: Cover image, Title image, and Background image.


Background image: sits behind the event.
Recommended size: At least 1920px x 1080px, which is the standard resolution on desktops.

Title image: sits next to the event title. It also appears on the PDF ticket.
Alignment: Choose Left or Right alignment.
Recommended size: Maximum 282px x 200px.

Cover image: sits at the top of the event page.
Recommended size: 1040px x 300px. Narrower images are scaled down. Wider images are cropped to 300px in height.
Alignment: To cover the full width of the screen, click the Full width header checkbox. The image will extend across the entire width of the page rather than the event width. When you click the Full width header checkbox, two more checkboxes will appear: You may also choose to Show event title on cover image, and/or to Show short description on cover image.


Example header without full-width image, title, or description:


Example header with full-width image, title, and description:


Insert an Image into the Event Description

Go to the Event description tab:

1. From the left-hand menu, click on the Event description tab.

2. Within the event description window, click where you would like to add an image.

3. From the editor options above, click on the Upload image icon. The Upload image box will open.



4. From your computer files, drag an image and drop it into the Upload image box. (Alternatively, click on Choose an image from your computer or Choose an image from the image archive.) A thumbnail of your image will appear with the file name and dimensions.

5. To place the image within your event description, click the OK button in the Upload image box.

6. You may change your image alignment from left-aligned to right-aligned: click on your image; then, from the editor options above, click on the Align Right icon

7. When you have completed adding and adjusting images within your event description, click the Save button at the bottom.

For additional instructions, also see How do I add a description to my event?