Paloma Support

How do I copy a previous event?

To copy a previous event, go to the Event you would like to duplicate:

1. From the top menu, click on Events > My events.

2. From the tabs, depending on the status of the event you want to duplicate, click on the Drafts tab (for unpublished events), Published tab (for live, upcoming events) or the Ended tab (for past events). 

3. From the My events list, find the event you want to duplicate.

Find the Event Dropdown arrow:

3. In the column on the far right, you will see icons for Edit, Preview, Settings, and the Dropdown arrow. Click on the Dropdown arrow to open the dropdown list. 

5. From the dropdown list, click on Create copy. The Copy event window will appear.

6. In the Copy event window, Enter filename for copy field, type a title for your new Event, then click on the OK button

7. In your Drafts tab, you will now see an exact copy of your previous event with your newly chosen title. 

8. Within the new draft, you can now adjust and edit all details as needed. 

Note: When you duplicate an event to create a new Draft, the system ‘resets’ the event details—all ticket options will become available again.

Tip!—Creating an identical, recurring event: To create a recurring event in which all details are identical, except for the date and time, see How do I create a recurring event?