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Zoom Integration Overview

You can manage your event marketing, administration, and bookings or ticket sales in Magnet, and then host your online event in Zoom. Integrating your Magnet events with Zoom fully connects your events: When participants register for or buy a ticket to your published Magnet event, the system will automatically register them for the connected Zoom webinar or meeting; their booking confirmation will include their Zoom link, meeting ID and passcode to enable them to join on Zoom.

There are 3 steps to connecting your Magnet events with Zoom:

Step 1 – On Zoom’s Developer Platform, create an App.
For detailed instructions, see: How do I create an app to integrate Zoom and Magnet?

Step 2 – On Zoom, create one or more webinars or meetings.
For detailed Webinar instructions, see: How do I create Zoom Webinars with the correct settings?

Step 3 – On Magnet, connect your event to the Zoom webinar or meeting.
For detailed instructions, see: How do I connect my Magnet event with Zoom?

Note—Zoom Account Types: To integrate with Zoom, you will need to sign up for a Zoom Plan. You can integrate any Zoom plan with Magnet; choose the plan that best suits your events. For more details, see: What Zoom plan do I need to integrate with Magnet?