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How do I create Zoom Meetings with the correct settings?

You can manage your event marketing, administration, and bookings or ticket sales in Magnet, and then host your online event in Zoom. Integrating your Magnet events with Zoom fully connects your events: When participants register for or buy a ticket to your published Magnet event, the system will automatically register them for the connected Zoom webinar or meeting; their booking confirmation will include their Zoom link, meeting ID and passcode to enable them to join on Zoom.

There are 3 steps to connecting your Magnet events with Zoom:

Step 1: On Zoom’s Developer Platform, create an App.

Step 2: On Zoom, create one or more webinars or meetings.

Step 3: On Magnet, connect your event to the Zoom webinar or meeting.

Note—Zoom Account Types: To integrate with Zoom, you will need to sign up for a Zoom Plan. For more details, see: What Zoom plan do I need to integrate with Magnet?

These instructions address Step 2: On Zoom, create one or more Meetings:

1. On the Zoom websiteSign In to your Zoom account.
2. From the top-right menu, click on the Schedule a Meeting link.
Alternatively, from the left-hand menu, click on Meetings; then, from the right-hand side, click on the Schedule a Meeting button.

Note: These instructions focus on settings important for integrating with Magnet; any settings not mentioned here can be left as is, or changed according to your preferences. 

3. On the Schedule a Meeting page, fill in the fields:
Topic: Choose a name for your meeting.
Description (Optional): You may leave this field blank and enter a description in Magnet instead.
When: Set the start date and time.
Duration: Set the length of the meeting; Magnet will generate an end time.
Time Zone: Select the time zone in which your meeting will take place.


Recurring meeting checkbox: Do not check this box. For recurring meetings, in Zoom, create separate meetings for each occurrence.
Registration: Important! Click the Required checkbox; this box ensures your participants will each receive a unique link to the meeting.


Security: Ensure that the Passcode checkbox is checked. All participants will receive this password together with their unique connection link. You may choose to change this password (avoid spaces and special characters).
Require authentication to join: Do not check this box; users will be authenticated through Magnet ticket sales and the automatically generated personal participant links.


When you have completed entering all details, to create the meeting, click the Save button at the bottom. More settings will appear.

4. Registration: From the links below the Start button, click Registrations.registrants.png
a) Manage Registrants: See numbers of registrants. These are handled automatically.
b) Registration Options: To adjust these settings, click the Edit link to the right. The Registration Options will open.
Approvalmust be set to Automatically Approve to connect with Magnet.
c) Other Options: Ensure that Allow registrants to join from multiple devices is not checkedNot activating this setting will ensure that only one person can connect via a personal link. (Otherwise, one personal link can connect from up to 5 devices.)

After adjusting the settings, click the Save All button. 


5. Email Settings: Click the link to adjust the following email settings:
a) Email Contact: Confirm that the email address is correct; participants with questions about the meeting will contact you via this address.


b) Confirmation Email to Registrants: Ensure that the confirmation email is switched off. Magnet automatically sends each registrant their connection link and password with their booking confirmation. (Communicating all details together from an email with your address as the sender provides a clearer and smoother experience for the participant.):

To change the setting, click the Edit link to the right.
Uncheck the Send Confirmation Email to Registrants checkbox.


Click the Save button at the bottom.


c) The adjusted setting will look like this: 


6. To see an overview of all of your webinars, from the left-hand menu, click the Meetings link. To review the settings for each webinar, click on the name of the meeting


Nicely done—you’ve completed Step 2!

Now, you’re ready to complete Step 3: On Magnet, connect your event to the Zoom webinar or meeting.