Paloma Support

How do I add my event to my website?

You can share your event in several ways:

a) With a public link.
b) Using sharing links for Facebook and Twitter.
c) By embedding the iframe code we provide.

To complete A, B, or C, open your Published Event:

1. From the top menu, click on Events > My events.
2. From the row of tabs, click on the Published tab
3. From the My events list, click on the Name of the event you would like to share. You will land on the event Overview tab.


A: To share your event with a public link:

1. In the Promote section of the Overview tab, find the Public link
2. To copy the public link to your event, right-click on the link and, from the dropdown list, choose ‘Copy Link Address.’
Or, click on the link directly; your public event page will open in a new window. Copy the event link from the address bar.
3. On your own webpage, paste the link to your event.

B: To use the sharing links for Facebook and Twitter:

1. In the Promote section of the Overview tab, find the Share buttons
2. You may recommend on Facebook or tweet on Twitter.

C: Embed the event code:

1. From the left-hand menu, click on the Embed tab.
2. You may choose to embed the booking box only or the whole event page. Highlight your choice of iframe code, then right-click and choose copy. Also note the instructions for changing the appearance of your iframe.
3. On your own website page, open the source or HTML editing window. Paste in the iframe code. Make any desired adjustments based on the instructions provided on the Embed page. Save your page. Your visitors can now register for your event on your own website.