Paloma Support

Swish Payment

1. Start by setting up an agreement with a bank that offers Swish Commerce.
2. Then, go to this page for Swish certificates and log in by entering your bank ID, organization number and Swish number so you can access your Swish certificate.


3. At the top of the menu, click the New Certificate tab.
4. In the Paste CSR box inside Swish, paste the code generated in the Create Certificate Request field on your Magnet account. Click the Create Certificate Request button and then Copy. Paste that code in the Paste CSR box inside Swish.swish_for_certifikat_1_en.png

5. Select PEM as the format for the CSR code, then click Generate.
You should now receive the message Successfully generated certificate.


6. Copy the generated certificate under To download, copy to clipboard.


7. Paste the text in the Client Certificate field below and enter your swish number in the Swish number field.swish_for_certifikat_var_cite_2_aktivera_en.png
8. Click the Activate button.

For more information about Swish options, see: Why can’t I use Swish for Businesses for my events?