Paloma Support

Invoice with Billogram

By connecting to Billogram invoicing, you get a fully automated invoicing process, from sending the invoice through to receiving payment. 

Create API Users on your Billogram Account

On your Billogram account, start by creating an API user with administrator privileges. There, you will receive a User ID and Password; fill these into the  Magnet settings and then click the Activate button.

Read more about Billogram 

Activate E-invoice

If you want to turn on e-invoice, you must first contact Billogram support to ask them to activate e-invoice in your account. When you have done that, check the box next to e-invoice. Do not forget to click the Activate button

Activate EDI Invoice for Standard Appearance

Activate EDI invoice if you want to be able to send invoices via Billogram with the default look used in Svefaktura or PEPPOL to your participants. NOTE: To use EDI invoice, additional settings are required on your Billogram account. To get started, click the  Activate button.