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Create Consent Text (GDPR)

Create Consent Text for Personal Data Management (GDPR).

When participants register for or purchase a ticket for your event, they enter their personal data into a form as part of the process. You have access to their data and it gets stored in our database. Data privacy laws require that you explicitly state how you will handle their data and request and receive their consent when they submit it to you. They give you consent to handle their personal data by checking the consent checkbox; they can only submit the form once they have clicked the consent checkbox.

Magnet makes it easy for you to correctly obtain permission, or ‘consent,’ to collect and store the personal information you receive according to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At the account level, you can create one or more versions of consent text, depending on how the personal data is to be used, and revise them, as needed. Use this functionality with your newsletter recipients in Newsletters or with your event participants in Events.

Create Consent Text:

You can create new Consent text options at the Account level, under My Account > Account Settings > Consent text tab.

To add a consent text to be used for any event, open your main Account Settings:

1. In the top-right corner, under your name and Customer ID, from the dropdown menu, click on Account settings.

Go to the Consent text tab:

2. From the left-hand menu, click on the Consent text tab.

Add a Logo—optional:

Logo box: You may choose to display a logo above your consent text. Your logo image may be in JPEG, GIF, or PNG file format; max image dimensions are 581×77 pixels.

3. To add a logo, do one of the following:
a) From your computer’s file folder, drag and drop the image file into the box with the dashed border.
b) To upload from your computer, click the link.
c) Choose a logo from your image archive.

Create Consent Text:

4. To create a new version of consent text, click on the Create Consent Text button

5. Internal name: to ensure you can easily differentiate your consent text versions later, add an internal name. (Your participants will not see this label.)

6. Language box: You may create multiple language versions of a single instance of consent text; your user will have the option to read the text in their preferred language. For each language version:

a) From the Language dropdown menu, click on the appropriate language for your text.

b) In the Text edit box, type your consent message. For example, ‘I consent to the collection and storage of my personal data in accordance with your Privacy Policy.’ You may use formatting tools, such as bulleted lists, dividers, and various headings, to make consent clear.

7. After you have completed adding your consent text, choose either to click on the Save as draft button if you are not fully finished, or click the Save and publish button to make the consent text available for use in your.