Paloma Support

What happens when my event starts?

When your event begins at the event start time, which is the time you entered in the Where and when tab as the From time. For example: if your event is From 2022-05-12 15:00 to 2022-05-12 17:00, then the start time is 15:00.

At your event start time:

The system will automatically move your event from the Published tab to the Ended tab. (Exception: If it is a recurring event, with upcoming sessions, it will remain in the Published tab.)

On your public event page, the details will be replaced with the message, ‘Event is currently unavailable.’

Note: You can also set when sales for each ticket type begin and end. For instructions, see: For every ticket type created you can choose when the sales will start and stop.

Checking in participants:

You may check in your event participants using the check-in app or a barcode reader.

You may also check in participants manually on the Attendee list tab: Find the attendee’s name in the list of participants; in the Status column, click on the Check in button in their row.