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My Events Main Tab Tour

Create and manage all of your events in the My Events area:

1. From the top menu, click on Events > My events. The main My Events tab will open.
2. Within the main My Events tab, you will see the following sub-tabs: 
a) Drafts tab: lists events that have been saved but not yet published.
b) Published tab: lists events that are live and publicly available.
c) Ended tab: lists past events that have ended.


3. Within each of these tabs, your events are listed in rows with links to the following:
a) Name: The event’s internal file Name. These are presented in alphabetical order; two switch the sort order, click the little upward-facing arrow. To open the event details, click on the Event Name.
b) Title: The event’s external, public Title.
c) City: The location where the event takes place.
d) Date and time: When the event takes place.
e) Numbers sold: Number of registrations or tickets sold.
f) Pencil icon: To Edit your event details, click on the Pencil icon.
g) Eye icon: To Preview your event, click on the Eye icon.
h) Cog icon: To update your event Settings, click on the Cog icon.
i) Dropdown arrow: To open a dropdown list of additional options, including Create copy, click on the Dropdown arrow.
j) Delete checkbox: To delete a Draft or Ended event, click on the checkbox, then click on the X. A confirmation message will appear; if you are sure you want to delete the item, click the OK button.

Event Name

Once you open an Unpublished Event, you can also edit the Event File Name from within the My events bar.